• Český Krumlov State Castle

    Český Krumlov State Castle with its architectural standard, cultural tradition, and expanse ranks among the most important historic sights in the central European region. Originally Gothic castle from 13th century was ...

  • Český Krumlov Monasteries

    A unique triple-cloth, which occupies the second place in the area after Krumlov castle, attracts the general public, especially families and children to the monastic life, culture, history and art of the period and ...

  • Minorite Monastery in Český Krumlov

    The construction of the Monastery started after its foundation, exactly in the mid-14th century. The temple Body of Christ arose probably as soon as in the 14th century, but the cloister of the monks was apparently ...

  • St. Vitus Church  in Český Krumlov

    Architectural gem, the neo-Gothic octagonal tower became the second dominant Český Krumlov. The church occasionally becomes a venue for concerts of classical music

  • St. Jošt Church in Český Krumlov

    Formerly on the site was a chapel or little church of St. Jošt. The church was established before 1334 by Peter I. von Rosenberg, and was a part of the Rosenbergs´ hospital (Latrán No. 13). The building remains with ...

  • Synagogue Český Krumlov

    Built in Nouveau-Romanesque style in 1909 by the local Jewish community, the Cesky Krumlov Synagogue features an eight-sided tower with Torah-shaped windows.

  • St. Martin Chapel in Český Krumlov

    A one-nave oblong building with a three-sided presbytery and an axial eastern sacristy. Three-axial western facade with rounded corners is topped by a shield gable with volutes and niches cut inside the round corners.

  • The fountain on the main square in Český Krumlov

    In 1843,because of the rusty condition the fountain was abolished, and a new one was built by the Plague Column in the upper part of the square.

  • Fountains and Watering Places in Český Krumlov

    The need for clean water was the main reason why from 15th century the citizens of Český Krumlov continually built a system of ducts to supply the town with water.

  • Little Castle "Ptačí Hrádek" - Český Krumlov

    It is an unfinished monument built in commemoration of the victory of the united army of Russia, Austria and Prussia over Napoleon Bonaparte in the battle of Leipzig in 1813.

  • Chapel on the Mountain of the Cross in Český Krumlov

    This eight-nave chapel of Our Lady Dolorous and the Holy Cross built in 1710 is vaulted by an eight-part arch and covered with a tent-like roof topped with a lantern and a double cross.