• Regional Museum in Český Krumlov

    At the present time the Regional Museum administers 22 000 registered items of the collection fund, i.e. next to 34 000 objects. The museum library contains a set of 5 000 books, more than 1/5 has a collection character.

  • Castle Museum

    Come join us for a trip through time! The new Castle Museum bring you to the times of the Lords of Krumlov, Rosenbergs and other noble houses residing in Český Krumlov over the centuries and transforming its ...

  • Museum Fotoatelier Seidel

    Welcome in the Museum Fotoatelier Seidel! In unique place where tradition of photography sprang up in the 19th century, in place where Time stood still.

  • Moldavite Museum

  • Marionette Museum

    Complete baroque puppet theater, including the Baroque machinery. Occasional marionette production of the group and a puppet opera Don Giovanni, Magic Flute, Baroque opera Orfeo ed Euridice.

  • Puppet Museum - Fairytale house

  • Museum of torture instruments

    A unique exposition of criminal punishment and instruments of torture, spread throughout the newly-reconstructed 15th cellars below the Český Krumlov town Hall on the town square.

  • Wax museum

    Below the town square, at Kájovská ulice no.68 in a newly reconstructed Renaissance house, a new wax museum was opened in May of 2001.

  • Castle Smithery

  • Egon Schiele Art Centrum