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Český Krumlov: A Guide for Handicapped and Other Visitors

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Dear visitors,

welcome to the town of Český Krumlov – by local people often referred to as the world’s most beautiful town. This guide was produced especially for you, handicapped people, because we would like you to share the enthusiasm for this town although we know that your capacity to visit places is limited. Our guide is a printed version of www.ckrumlov.cz/handicap. This website assists you in finding a particular accessibility to individual places and gives you the necessary information on single sights and services provided.

When visiting the town, it is recommended not only to refer to this guidebook, but also to use General Tourist Guides which give you thorough information on the history of the town, single historical sights and other places of interest including the culture events programme. This information is also available on www.ckrumlov.cz/handicap.

This guidebook was developed for the people with limited capacity of movement and orientation. There are no such expressions as senior citizens, handicapped, disabled, parents with small children or foreign visitors used within this guide, because we believe that our visitors will have an opportunity to see how fit they are when admiring the beauty of the town - and if you face any limitations, the following information is here, ready to assist in finding your way through.

If you wish your experience to be a great one, not to have just blisters on your toes, then put on comfortable walking shoes. Ladies and gentlemen on wheelchairs are recommended to wear gloves, because there are cobbled pavements, hilly sections and stairways to be faced. Therefore, it is the best choice if you visit the town accompanied by a patient and fit guide moving in a relaxed pace with frequent breaks allowed for rest. You can take advantage of benches, viewpoints or cosy pubs spread around the town. You may end up your sightseeing tour to the town with a feeling that inventors of flat ground and asphalt would deserve a golden medal, but one can hardly find such a scenary without climbing up and down cobbled streets. Just leave your troubles behind and absorb a scenic beauty that encompasses you from all directions.

Areal view of Český Krumlov, foto: Lubor Mrázek

This guide was produced in a way that all routes are tailored as to fit needs of people using mechanical wheelchairs that are considered as the most limiting mean of movement. Although any of the streets and lanes are worthy of seeing, this guide takes you to the most visited places, but information on side lanes and places is included too.

Personal recommendations to people in wheelchairs: Check if your legs are fastened to a wheelchair footrest (e.g. using a band with hooks). This will prevent your legs from sliding down to ground meanwhile crossing bumpy areas and a casualty occurrence is limited.

Parking lots in the town are free of any charges for cars providing that there are disabled people being transported, a car is labelled with a required logo, and any of passengers is a holder of the physical disability certificate.

Pedestrian zones: In case of a need to drive to the town centre providing there is a physically disabled person in transport and a car bears required logo, then the Police will not pursue any corrective steps.

Streets and pavements: The Municipal strategy is to assure that communications in the historical centre are free of raised pavements.

Municipal public transport services: There are no bus stops adapted to needs of people in wheelchairs and no lowfloor buses in service within the town.


  • The Castle Gardens Route (Area:150 x 750 m, 4 terraces) Terrace 1 Often referred to as Štěpnice. It is situated opposite the Renaissance style house underneath the connecting corridor (Barrier-free access, sand pathways). Terrace 2 Above this terrace, there is the Summer Riding Arena, which is situated opposite the Winter Riding Hall (App. 20 stone steps, sand pathways). It is the point where the connecting corridor leading from the Castle enters the Castle Gardens. Terrace 3 – the Lower Parterre A platform originally designed for horses - a steep slope, hard concrete with pebbles, an uneven surface, people in wheelchairs need assistance, sand pathways. This section of the gardens is done in a French style therefore it is called the French Castle Garden. Terrace 4 - the Upper Garden In the middle of the connecting terrace there is a jewel of the garden – the Cascade Fountain, which has staircases on sides (+8+11 steps, balustrade app. 1m high). On both sides of the garden wall there are two platforms, which were originally used for riding horses – a steep slope, hard concrete with pebbles, an uneven surface, people in wheelchairs need assistance, sand pathways. By the north platform - a Gate leading to a car park (-3 steps) The Cascade Fountain in the Castle Gardens

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