Passion games

Hořice passion games are a member of international organizations EUROPASSION.

Getting to play in all weather conditions from indoor auditorium, works more than 80 people. Running time is approximately 1.30 hours.

Into auditorium is wheelchair accessible and is translated into sign language!

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Easter Passion games

Dates From - To
07.04.2012   (Sa)    10:00
07.04.2012   (Sa)    14:00

Come to the Monastery garden on Sunday to view the Passion games and enjoy the ancient biblical story of Jesus Christ.

Type of offer: for individuals and groups

Passion play

Hořice Passion games in Hořice the forest

Dates From - To
11.08.2012   (Sa)    16:30
11.08.2012   (Sa)    20:30
18.08.2012   (Sa)    16:30
18.08.2012   (Sa)    20:30

The story tells about the last days of Jesus Christ includes: the Last Supper with the disciples of Christ, Meditations in the Garden of Gethsemane, the capture and trial before the Great Council, the Court of King Herod and Pontus Pilate, Imposition of the Cross and the way end-of-the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Type of offer: for individuals and groups

Passion play

Modern Passion games

In the post-revolution euphoria, there was a saying in the spirit "of chutnajícím banned fruit 'comments, it would be appropriate and fair to deal with the issue of Passions. Ing Čunát mayor initiated the convening of general meetings and to set up a company for the recovery of traditions, passion plays called Passion. This happened 27th 12th 1990th Aspired to concentrate materials relating to the passion of the intention to arrange an exhibit or to visit a foreign performances Passion, establish international relations. Only in his secret soul, we quietly saying how nice it would be a Passion play.

Passion play

History of Passion games

Indeed, Hořice her passion extends to the 13th century, which is closely linked to the difficult living conditions poddaného people that were sometimes unbearable. Religion often becomes the way out of suffering. Joins the common people suffering with the suffering of Christ and believes that it also comes the resurrection, that there will better days. People looking for good and evil and try to view them in folk games, which carry a religious spirit and is related to time which arose. This activity, however, during the 17th century due to constant wars collapsed. Another tradition of renewal begins in the early 19th century and based on the spiritual feelings of ordinary people Hořic. First, the Passion in Hořice started in the 1816th Their author was a weaver and collector Hořice Gröllhesl Paul, who also wrote the text for the Passion play entitled "Suffering and death of our Lord Jesus Christ - in mourning - a five-game dealings with the foreplay," and thus effectively established a new tradition rolled Passions

Passion playPassion play


Type of offer: for individuals and groups