Regional Museum in Český Krumlov

At the present time the Regional Museum administers 22 000 registered items of the collection fund, i.e. next to 34 000 objects. The museum library contains a set of 5 000 books, more than 1/5 has a collection character.

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1st May 2017 - 26th February 2018 - CLOSED ON THE GROUNDS OF RECONSTRUCTION!

Český Krumlov Card - 1 ENTRANCE CARD TO 5 MUSEUMS

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Český Krumlov Card - 1 ENTRANCE CARD TO 5 MUSEUMS, Regional Museum in Český Krumlov


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27.02.2017 - 31.12.2017   (Tu-Su)    09:00 - 17:00

The idea of building a model of the historic core of Český Krumlov in its ideal condition from around 1800 came into being in the mind 1970s. The ceramic model on a 1:200 scale was made in 1977-1984.

Preparatory works were supported by studying archive materials and resources, period plans and vistas, old graphic maps and photographs, and also by doing direct measurements on site.

The authors of the odel, Ing. arch. Petr Pešek and ceramist Jana Pešková chose an unusual technological process and made individual buildings as well as the ground relief from colored baked clay.

The model covers an are of 26 hectares of the urban preservation area, about 800 structures, meanders of the Vltava and the fortification, walls and gates which no longer extist.

The complete model was first introduced to the public in early 1985 and has been one of the most appreciated and admired museum exhibits.

CERAMIC MODEL OF THE HISTORIC CENTRE, Regional Museum in Český Krumlov