Festival of Chamber Music Český Krumlov 2007

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Festival of Chamber Music Český Krumlov

Traditional opening of the music season - the Český Krumlov Chamber Music Festival, which each year, at the turn of June and July, opens the local music season, is the longest existing classic music festival of the Český Krumlov town. It was founded 21 years ago and took place for the first time (modestly sized) in May 1987. The spiritual father and founder of the festival is the famous Czech composer and conductor, Jaroslav Krček, leader of the long established, well known and highly appreciated Musica Bohemica ensemble.
Around the mid-1990s, due to the political changes, and also the changes in Český Krumlov itself after its UNESCO world cultural heritage listing, the organizers of the Český Krumlov Chamber Music Festival decided for a qualitative change of programming, together with a new profile and image for the Festival.
Starting with the XIIth Festival, in 1998, the programming has regularly included, besides local musicians, important foreign performers, the presence of which has turned the Festival into a truly international event. This qualitative change was due, above all, to the Festival's co-operation with the Prague Spring International Music Festival, and its long time dramaturgist and important Czech music publicist, Antonín Matzner, who became the Chamber Music Festival Director. One year later, the Festival gained another important supporter who has helped to raise its prestige: Maestro Josef Suk, the doyen of Bohemian and world art of violin playing, who became its Honorary President.
In the 1990s, the importance of Český Krumlov as a UNESCO town attracted other music event. Nevertheless, even if the Český Krumlov Chamber Music Festival has to face their competition, it still remains a first-class international music festival of European standing, offering high quality music performance and experience in a refined intimate setting.

Baroque Night at the Český Krulov Castle ®, 30.6. and 1.7.2006, Festival of Chamber Music Český Krumlov, photo: © Lubor MrázekVáclav Hudeček (violin), Jaroslav Janutka (oboe) and Český Krumlov String Orchestra, 29.6.2006, Festival of Chamber Music Český Krumlov, ...

Český Krumlov String Orchestra

Dates From - To
28.06.2007   (Th)    19:30

Jan Adamus - oboe
Martin Peschík - conductor
Haydn, Elgar, Torelli, Möckl, Besozzi

BAROQUE NIGHT in Český Krumlov Castle ®

Dates From - To
29.06.2007   (Fr)    20:00
30.06.2007   (Sa)    20:00

Castle courtyeard, the Masquerade Hall, the Cross Passage, the Baroque Theatre, Castle Garden

BAROQUE NIGHT in Český Krumlov Castle®

The evening celebration of music, dance and opera in Krumlov castle interiors and exteriors

Capella Regia, Robert Hugo, Jiří Stivín, Krumlovští Pištci, CK Brass Quintet etc.

Antonia Vivaldiho: Praga Nascente da Libussa e Primislao

Organ concert

Dates From - To
01.07.2007   (Su)    17:00

Drahomíra Matznerová - organ
Jiří Rejlek - trumpet

Gondolán band

Dates From - To
03.07.2007   (Tu)    19:30

Antonín, Věra a Filip Gondolánovi - sing

Johan Sebastian Bach and sons

Dates From - To
04.07.2007   (We)    19:30

Edita Keglerová and Iva Štrynclová - harpsichod

Josef Suk and his friends

Dates From - To
05.07.2007   (Th)    19:30

Josef Suk - violin, Miroslav Ambrož - violin, Karel Untermüller - Viola, Jiří Bárta - violoncello,
Jan Simon - piano
Dvořák, Suk

Violoncello Recital

Dates From - To
06.07.2007   (Fr)    20:00

Anita Leuzinger – violoncello
Anton Kernjak - piano

Janáček, Beethoven, Schumann, Webern, Saint-Saëns

Southbohemian Chamber Philharmony

Dates From - To
07.07.2007   (Sa)    19:30

Jan Páleníček – violoncello
Stanislav Vavřínek - conductor
Grieg, Čajkovskij, Weber


Dates From - To
07.07.2007   (Sa)    21:30

A song is desire
Love songs from the period of Czech and European Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and classicism.
CHAIRÉ Příbram