Egon Schiele Art Centrum

Dates From - To
01.01.2006 - 31.12.2006   (Mo-Su)    10:00 - 18:00

5000 m2 - exhibitions, ateliers, art shops and café set in an architectural gem - the site of the old town brewery; open daily 365 days a year.

More information: www.schieleartcentrum.cz

Possibilities: Barrier-free admission

Type of offer: for individuals and groups

Magical Krumlov

Dates From - To
28.04.2006 - 30.04.2006   (Fr-Su)   

Let yourselves be charmed by Krumlov in May …

Opening of exhibition in Egon Schiele Art Centrum (28 April); Witches´ Sabbath - Garden party with music and dance (30 April); Opening of 13th annual international exhibition, International Art Gallery, and art happening (30 April).

More information: www.ckrumlov.cz/celebrations, www.virtual-gallery.cz

Magic Krumlov

International Art Gallery

Dates From - To
30.04.2006 - 31.10.2006   (Mo-Su)   

International exhibition of contemporary fine art which is held every year introduces authorial expositions of primary artists working in the category of free art and authorial design. The exhibition is set up in Wenceslas Cellars (IV. courtyard) and Gallery Máselnice (II.courtyard) of State Castle and Chateau Český Krumlov.

More information: www.virtual-gallery.cz

International Art Gallery

Koncert Jihočeské komorní filharmonie České Budějovice

Dates From - To
05.05.2006   (Fr)    19:00

Jízdárna, Zámek Český Krumlov

Jihočeská komorní filharmonie České Budějovice

Sólista: Jiří Bárta - violoncello
Dirigent: Stanislav Vavřínek
B.Smetana - Prodaná nevěsta (předehra)
A.Dvořák - Koncert pro violoncello a orchestr h moll op.104,
P.I. Čajkovskij - Symfonie č.5 e moll op.64

Revolving Auditorium

Dates From - To
09.06.2006 - 03.09.2006   (Mo-Su)   

You will enjoy an unforgettable experience of this theatre set in the garden of Český Krumlov´s castle (Wives of Henry the VIII June 9th - 25th, Three Musceteers June 27th - July 16th, The Water Nymph July 21st – August 5th, Swan Lake August 8th – 13th, Grandmother August 16th – September 3rd)

Southbohemian Theatre Fantoccini prepares for young spectators morning and afternoon performance of fairytales (Zlatovláska/Goldilocks June 20th – 23rd , June 27th – 29th – 10 a.m.; June 17th, June 24th, July 22nd, July 23rd, July 29th, July 30th - 5 p.m.).

More information: www.otacivehlediste.cz

Revolving Auditorium

20th year of The Five-petalled Rose Celebration

Dates From - To
16.06.2006 - 18.06.2006   (Fr-Su)   

Renaissance festival when the town goes back for three days to the times of knights, noble women, magicians and beggars...

More information: www.ckrumlov.cz/slavnosti2006

The Festival of the Rose

20th year of the Chamber Music Festival

Dates From - To
29.06.2006 - 09.07.2006   (Mo-Su)   

The festival with the longest tradition in Český Krumlov. The festival features Music Through the Ages, when music resonates in the historical rooms of Český Krumlov´s Castle. A must for our most discerning music connoisseurs – fantastic re-enactment of an 18th century castle festival – Baroque Night in Český Krumlov´s Castle.

Within the framework of the festival the violin virtuoso Václav Hudeček, Cappela Istropolitana and other important musicians will present.

More information:www.ckrumlov.cz/fekohu

Chamber Music Festival

15th year of the Early Music Festival

Dates From - To
13.07.2006 - 20.07.2006   (Mo-Su)   

Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque music will be played on historical musical instruments according to the original music sources and period interpretation style in historical buildings in and around Český Krumlov. Included will be concerts of alternative and ritual music, world music, dance and theatre performances.

Both Czech and international choruses will participate at the festival.

More information: www.earlymusic.cz

Early Music Festival

15th year of the International Music Festival Český Krumlov

Dates From - To
21.07.2006 - 26.08.2006   (Mo-Su)   

This festival is one of the top cultural events of the summer in Český Krumlov. The festival includes music of various music genres – played by world-renown symphony orchestras, chamber choirs, musicians and vocalists.

More information: www.czechmusicfestival.com

International Music Festival Český Krumlov

Hooray, Let´s Hurry to Krumlov

Dates From - To
25.08.2006 - 02.09.2006   (Mo-Su)   

Festival of folk, country and tramp music. The finalists and winners of the national music competition, Porta, and famous folk, country and tramp musicians will participate at the festival.

More information: www.abpcenter.cz

Hooray,Let´s Hurry to Krumlov

Jazz at Summer´s End

Dates From - To
07.09.2006 - 09.09.2006   (Th-Sa)   

International festival of jazz and alternative music

More information: www.jazz-krumlov.cz

Logo Jazz Krumlov

3rd year of a Day without Barriers Český Krumlov

Dates From - To
09.09.2006 - 10.09.2006   (Sa-Su)   

This event aims to enable the disabled visitors to spend at least a weekend in a year in the historical centre of the town of Český Krumlov without barriers and see the places that are usually partially or completely inaccessible.

More information: www.ckrumlov.cz/handicap

Disability  Day – the Day without Barriers Český Krumlov

European Heritage Days (EHD)

Dates From - To
09.09.2006 - 10.09.2006   (Sa-Su)   

The most interesting historical sights, buildings and areas including those partially or completely inaccessible will be opened.

More information: www.ehd.cz

European Heritage Days (EHD)

5th year of Saint Wenceslas Celebrations

Dates From - To
28.09.2006 - 01.10.2006   (Th-Su)   

Autumn celebration of good food and drink in tribute of Saint Wenceslas – patron saint of the Czech Lands. Plays and concerts, open-air markets, special Saint Wenceslas menu, Saint Wenceslas night of open museums and galleries and other cultural programmes.

More information: www.ckrumlov.cz/celebrations

Saint Wenceslas´s Celebrations

32nd year of EKOFILM Festival

Dates From - To
09.10.2006 - 15.10.2006   (Mo-Su)   

International film festival focusing on environment, natural and cultural heritage

More information: www.ekofilm.cz

EKOFILM Český Krumlov

2nd year of International Theatre Festival MIRACULUM ČESKÝ KRUMLOV

Dates From - To
19.10.2006 - 22.10.2006   (Th-Su)   

Czech, Austrian and German theatre companies participate at this international theatre festival.

More information: www.miraculum.cz

International Theatre Festival MIRACULUM ČESKÝ KRUMLOV

Advent and Christmas in Český Krumlov

Dates From - To
03.12.2006 - 06.01.2007   (Mo-Su)   

On 1st - 3rd Advent Sunday there will be Christmas markets and special programmes on the town square, and during advent there will be concerts, Saint Nicolas Day, gingerbread decorating, decoration making....all accompanied by the romantic atmosphere of our snow-covered historical town

3. 12.
1st Advent Snday - Lighting the Christmas Tree
Ecumenical opening of Advent

5. 12.
Saint Nicolas
Devilish games with angel assistance and arrival of Saint Nicolas

10. 12.
2nd Advent Sunday - Singing Around the Christmas Tree

17. 12.
3rd Advent (silver) Sunday - Christmas Postmen deliver the letters to Father Christmas

23. 12.
Live Nativity Scene
Live biblical scene accompanied by singing of Christmas carols on the town square, performed by the townspeople of Český Krumlov

24. 12.
4th Advent (golden) Sunday - Bear Christmas
Even the bears in the castle moat celebrate Christmas together with children and adults who like to bring them presents. Christmas atmosphere is enhanced by singing Chrismas carols on the castle courtyard.

26. 12.
St. Stephen´s Day - Boxing Day
Feast music and dance party with singing, good food and drink

31. 12.
St. Sylvestr´s Day – New Year´s Eve Celebration

6. 1. ´07
Epiphany – Taking down the Christmas tree

More information: www.ckrumlov.cz/celebrations

Advent and Christmas in  Český Krumlov


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