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Mobile Guide to Český Krumlov

Mobilní průvodceAre you planning to visit Český Krumlov and would you like to have all basic information at your fingertips before you arrive? In this case the mobile guide is the right service for you.

Mobile Guide will:

  • take you through the town's history,
  • show you key architectural sights, museums and galleries,
  • invite you for events,
  • offer you some sporting activities, town tours, and other tourist offer. 

There is also detailed map showing tourist points, parking possibilities and public toilets.

With the mobile guide you do not have to search for anything as this will become your practical guide to Český Krumlov. It includes phone numbers of the various locations, as well as of Infocenter and other key phone numbers. It is easy to work with, simple and gives practical information 24 hours a day. It is also ecological - it saves us from printing leaflets and it is available for free.

The application is available in four languages (CZE, ENG, DE, HUN) and you can get if for free by downloading it through our websit.



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