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Conference venues

In Český Krumlov you can choose from a wide variety of conference spaces: from stately castle rooms through hotel facilities to spaces in various museums and galleries. Most spaces have some original historical features preserved which gives you the option to organize your event in unique surroundings. 

Conference and seminar rooms:

Gallery areas

Český Krumlov Study Centre

The Study Centre provides cordial and elegant facilities for educational study visits, professional and expert conferences, workshops and seminars, chamber music concerts, club meetings and/or community assemblies. The area can be used year-round and offers 2 halls with display and sound equipment (maximum capacity 130/70 pers.), 2 study rooms with display equipment (capacity 20-25 pers.) and 33 beds in 18 rooms with private shower and WC.


Mint - Another area on the first floor, offering an extraordinary view onto the Vltava River and the historic town center, is an ideal center for holding press conferences, seminars, and business meetings. The area, which can be used year-round, offers a chamber-room-like atmosphere for up to 80 people with an office, toilets, and showers to satisfy the more difficult demands. The rental fee is dependent on the type of event and length of usage.

Conference areas

Český Krumlov Study Centre
Hall of Mirrors
- Projects involving dining, receptions, banquets, and especially concerts of classical music are an unforgettable experience for the visitor. The hall is partly decorated with original furniture, adding an even richer late-Baroque atmosphere. The hall's 90-person capacity and various possibilities guarantee an event of commercial, seminary, or presentational character success. The hall is only available for usage in the summer season.

Concert areas

Masquerade Hall - The hall's capacity is 154 seated guests. The hall itself joins the Hall of Mirrors and leads via the Cloak Bridge corridor to the royal box of the Castle Theatre. This historic connection of two of the most important places in the castle is used for presentational events for our most prestige clients.
Hall of Mirrors
Castle Chapel of St. George
Český Krumlov Study Centre
Renaissance Hall
- This original Renaissance Hall from 1575 may be used outside normal castle visiting hours as a concert space for period musical interpretation. The hall's capacity of 70 may be taken advantage of in the summer months after 18:00.
Castle Lapidarium - This newly-refurbished interior of the former stables on the 1st Castle Courtyard holds an exposition of original sculptures from the castle complex. These vast spaces, with very special acoustic properties, are good for concerts (i.e. spiritual music) and alternative art projects as well as for untraditional dining events. The maximum capacity of the area is 200 people.

The building is under the management of the firm Auviex, s.r.o. They organise congresses, symposia, conferences and other work-oriented meetings. They have available the large Chateau Riding Hall and adjacent restaurant with an outdoor relaxation area. The advantages of the Riding hall include its large capacity and nearby parking lot. They can arrange any event regardless of the programme, technical, technological and gastronomic requirements.

Winter Riding School, available year-round, this cultural and social hall offers congressional, conference, concert, and dance ball possibilities. A conference setting offers 662 seats, a concert about 500 places, and ball and dance events offer enough space for about 325 guests.

The restaurant with a capacity of about 100 seats with a parking lot directly behind the building are enough to satisfy most travel agencies. In the winter season, the Winter Riding School draws together dance-ball lovers and social event seekers.

All areas with public access at the Town Theatre are barrier-free. are wheelchair theater. On the ground floor, there are 4 places available for disabled guests. The audience has the induction loop device for people with impaired hearing. The technical equipment for simultaneous translation to two languages is also available. The total capacity is 272 seats. Conference rooms at Prelature, which is in a close proximity, can be rented out from Town Theatre too.

Prelatura premises
Prokyš's Hall
- rococo hall; is good for concerts, workshops, conferences, seminary etc.; capacity: Hall - 130 seats, anteroom - 32 seats
Gothic Hall - chamber hall; capacity 50 seats
Rococo staterooms - is good for small conferences, meetings etc.; capacity 20 seats

The conference room is suitable for projections or seminars. The total capacity is 320 seats.

The former Jesuit school, which is nowadays the Regional Museum, was built between 1650 -1652 as the first building in a Baroque style in the old town. The conference room with a capacity of 100 to 130 seats is available providing there is no exhibition held at the same time.

There are 5 conference rooms available for special events and coffee shop with a total area of 300 sqm. The acoustics of this venue is excellent therefore it meets the highest expectations for organizing concerts.
Refreshments - Coffee shops with 80 seats can provide for hot and cold drinks and simple buffet style refreshments. There are 300 chairs available at the venue.

The Agency runs the International Ceramic Studio, which organizes international symposia and creative workshops for independent artists.

The spacious restaurant, which can seat up to 200 people, and the "Formanka" pub, with a capacity of 70 places, offer a pleasant place to sit and enjoy the professional approach taken by the staff towards individuals and large groups, excursions, or private gatherings.

The Hotel Růže is the ideal venue for your conference. Conference Centre includes The Jesuit Hall, The Banquet Hall, equipped with fireplace, suitable for a private party, The Rotary Room . If you require any technical equipment, all endeavours will be made to have it available.

The Jesuit Hall
Area: 190 m2
Theatre - 200 people
Congress - 150 people
U-form - 90 people
I-form - 48 people
Table-form - 126 people

The Banquet Hall
Area: 90 m2
U-form - 50 people
I-form - 24 people
Table-form - 50 people

The Rotary Room
Area: 30 m2
I-form - 34 people
Table-form - 40 people

Wilhelm og Rosenberg Room
Area: 60 m2
Theatre - 50 people   
U-form - 40 people

Executive floor of Residence Latrán offers 2 separate High-tech meeting rooms with variety of modern technologies available.

Conference hall LATRÁN
Fully air-conditioned hall with direct sunlight. Any configuration is possible.
Area of the Latrán Hall: 83 m2, capacity up to 100 seats in the theatre arrangement
Option of using the adjoining office.

T-form - 35 people
I-form - 30 people
U form - 58 people
Round Table - 38 people
Theatre - 71 people
Workshop - 50 people
Classroom - 38 people

Conference hall ROSENBERG
This unique, individually arranged, fully equipped area offers privacy for smaller and closed meetings.
Area of the Rosenberg Hall: 30 m2, capacity up to 40 seats.

T-form - 21 people
I-forma - 22 people

Lease of 4  conference rooms (capacity: 25 people, 100 people, 20 people, 50 people). Equipped with TV, video recorder, OHP, 2 flipcharts and markers, a screen, internet access available; the rooms are situated in quiet parts of the hotel with engaging view over the ancient town centre.
Refreshments every day: Coffee, tea, fruit juices, mineral water, canapes alternatively sandwiches, pastries.

You can expect an individual attitude and professional and, above all, friendly staff. The Gold Hotel Český Krumlov is an ideal place to hold conferences and company events. The hotel has a guarded car park.

The Gold Restaurant with the seating capacity of 60 seats (restaurant arrangement)
Regentský Hall with the seating capacity of 70 to 120 seats (table arrangement)
Královský Salon with the seating capacity of 12 seats
Summer terrace with grilling facilities, with the seating capacity of 50 seats

In the modern and graciously equipped Conference hall, you can still feel the original historical spirit of this building, which used to be a barn. The modern equipment of the Conference hall includes: Wi-Fi internet connection, data projector, DVD, video, mobile projection screen; all these technical accessories provide a good-quality sound in the whole room. In comparison with the original historical building, we left the open truss roof with massive beams, monumental brick floor, stone walls and large entrance door / gate. We should also mention that the modern equipment of the hall comprises the various furniture, mini-kitchen, bar and toilettes. The Conference Hall of the Village golf hotel provides the services for seminars, team building, conferences and other social events (weddings, company events, friend's reunions, dances, amusements etc.) including a complete catering service for groups of a maximum of 80 people.

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Open air conference and seminar places

The Castle South Terraces with the maximum capacity up to 200 seats, the Castle Courtyards (the maximum capacity up to 1,000 seats), the terrace " Na Baste" (the maximum capacity of up to 60 seats) and designated areas of the Castle Gardens (Stepnice, Summer Riding School and the Upper Garden with the maximum capacity up to 400 seats) are splendid open-air venues with a garden and park ambience suitable for concerts, nocturna, garden parties or theatrical productions.

Nowadays, the garden is an ideal venue for the town and folk festivals, historic events, knight tournaments, music festivals, concerts, team bulding and corporate events or even weddings. The total area of the garden area is approximately 6 800 sqm. Party and event tents can be rented locally.

The maximum capacity of the open air cinema is 1050 persons. Besides open air cinema projections, the venue can be rented out for concerts, dance performances, festivals and similar events.

Other service - translator, guide, wellnes, foreign exchange offices and other

Conference venues in region

  • Sporthotel Zátoň                                                                                                                      Sporthotel Zátoň 

In the SporthotelZátoň we have 2 halls for Congresses and seminary. We take care of company clients for ten years and our philosophy of direct contact with the customer is very important. We provide complete service for your event, we know the local area and we cooperate only with certified suppliers. We have an experienced team of workers, who work with us all year. You will be in contact with one person, who will take care of you during the preparation, during and end of the event. We do not cooperate with travel agencies and agencies. If you want the perfect service you found the right place. Company events in the family atmosphere. Pass your worries with the organizing of your event on to us.