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Disability day - a day without obstacles

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.. The aim of this project is to open Český Krumlov to disabled people, and to give them the chance, at least for one day, to visit almost all of the interesting places in the town. They can visit the castle, see the diferent galeries, museums etc. We will help by asisstants and also try to remove the obstacles (as much we are able) at least for one day, and maybe for ever.

Český Krumlov is a beautiful small town with fantastic architecture, with many galeries, museums, very nice castle. Our town is not very friendly for disabled visitors. We would like to help them. We can not change the old buildings, streets or the architecture, but we can help them at least for one day to see what we can see anytime. We would like to motivate the business owners and the institutions to remove some obstacles or provide temporary solutions.

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Český Krumlov Kiwanis Club

The Český Krumlov Kiwanis Club is one of the youngest (from Jun 01) clubs in the Czech Republic (25 clubs more info on www.kiwanis.cz). Most of our projects are oriented to helping local children.

We have very close cooperation with the Children’s department of the district hospital. More than 700 Kiwanis dolls were prepared and given to the hospital. The club also helped the children at the hospital with a PC and accessories for Internet connection. In cooperation with the local art high school we realized a larger project to change the decoration and interior of the children’s ward. Our aim was to improve the atmosphere for the children at the hospital (100 000 CZK).

There are several other projects for the children in the town. We have also thought about the children in other countries, where life is more difficult. We contacted the Training Base of Peace Force, which prepare the Czech military units for missions abroad. We decided to help the small schools in Kosovo. To support the project, we have found a few sponsors. We prepared three palettes of school equipment (paper for notes and drawing and also sporting equipment, balls, etc.) The transport was arranged by the unit of CIMIC at the end of February 2002 and they delivered it during April and May. The material we prepared was delivered to more than ten schools in the small villages in the mountains in the north part of Kosovo.

After the big flood in 2002 we helped in cooperation of forein clubs to reconstruct the Egon Shiele Art Centrum (119 000 CZK), Volleyball Club facilities (70 000 CZK), The House of Youth and Children ceramic workshop (40 000 CZK).

We also finished a project “Traveling with a handicap”. The aim of this project is to help visitors and local people with disabilities in the town of Český Krumlov. We prepared the information and presented it on the website www.ckrumlov.cz/handicap and also in the printed map in three language. (117 000 CZK)

Our new project is a DISABILITY DAY - A DAY WITHOUT OBSTACLES. The aim is to open Český Krumlov to the disabled people, to give them chance at least for one day to visit almost all interesting place in the town, to visit the castle, to see the diferent galeries, museums etc., to remove the obstacles (as much we are able) at least for one day or for ever.

For more information or if anybody would like to help with our project can contact us by email: kiwanis-klub@ckrumlov.cz, telephone: +420 380 704 614, fax: +420 704 619

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